Located in Maple Ridge, Vicuña welcomed its first students in 2008. The studio was created in response to a need for artists with diverse abilities looking to pursue their artistic ambitions wanting more than a casual arts and craft or recreational experience. At Vicuña, participants are encouraged to become "true students of art." Every student who enters the studio is assured access to professional instruction, quality canvas, paint, brushes, clay and tools. They are further supported to exhibit and sell their works at gallery events with local retailers.

Owned and operated by the Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living, Vicuña is supported by funding from the provincial government and generous donations from its many patrons and supporting members.

Here is a glimpse of the work they do. Check out this video featuring artist, Marc Sears.

You can purchase the items shown below and many others by contacting Vicuña!

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Artist Bios:


Alison Heard

Alison has been making art since she was a child. Art is one of her hobbies. Alison says she "is very creative" and she likes to make art because "it's fun and I enjoy it very much." She is not afraid to challenge herself with different mediums and painting styles. Her works are known for their vivid imagery and explicit details. Her favourite color is red and she is a hard worker. 

Aurel Popovici

Aurel enjoys drawing landscape views, especially village scenes. He often refers to Lawren Harris' works from the Group of Seven. Using acrylics, he has a delicate way of painting, enjoying the buildup of paint on his canvas and then the final outcome. Aurel has had a lot of success selling his paintings at art shows and his art is displayed around various venues in his local community of Maple Ridge.

Brittany Tunshell

Brittany is a painter of dreams. For her signature style of painting, she paints the background a solid colour and then paints her design on top. Her designs are created with unique brush strokes and a wonderful combination of colours. Although Brittany has pinhole vision, she carefully paints each bloom or swirl with a thoughtful approach to the composition. Often, her paintings remind the viewer of flower blooms or planets. Her kind, gentle and positive personality is shown in her paintings.

Cameron Campbell

Cameron is an artist with a natural talent and sense of color. The freedom with his hands give dynamic and visual musical rhythm to his paintings. Cameron is often inspired by narratives and music.

Cathy Gunnewig

Cathy enjoys painting and gets her inspiration from the Group of Seven artists but also has painted from other Masters. She paints in an impressionistic style. Cathy has sold a number of her paintings and also had many displayed in local vendors.

Courtnae Ruthven

Courtnae is an artist by nature. Using acrylic paint, she creates modern and unique paintings. She enjoys working intuitively and often paints repetitive pattern designs. Courtnae is not afraid to be creative. She also expresses her creativity through photography.

Dan Bartel

Dan enjoys creating animal figures with clay. He has made collections of wild animals - some standing figures and some to be hung for the wall. Dan uses drawings or photographs from a book to guide him to form and paint his creations. Each of his animals have a unique personality given by Dan while creating them.

Eric Darville

Eric has always enjoyed drawing. At Vicuña, he has been focused on watercolour and acrylic painting of landscapes. To learn, Eric often references paintings from the Group of Seven painters or other landscape artists. He finds that that focus, steadiness and attention of painting is a real outlet for him. Each art show brings success for Eric as his paintings are one of the first to be sold.

Jihwan Jin

Jihwan is an illustrator who enjoys drawing everyday scenes from his memory. Scenes of bus stops, malls, and zoos are a few of his favourites. Jihwan has an incredible sense for drawing in perspective. His illustrations often show complex perspectives of the interior of a bus or elevator. He also sculpts everyday objects with clay and paints them with vibrant colours. He especially enjoys to sculpt toilers with detailed elements. Jihwan can be found drawing wherever he is, no matter what time of the day. He is a true artist.

Kai Chow

Kai paints with energy and confidence using a broad flat brush and acrylic paint. His final swirl at the finish of each painting is Kai's signature style. Many of his paintings give the viewer a sense they are observing a terrific ocean storm or vast mountains capes.

Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay is an abstract expressionist painter. She conveys spontaneity and energy, allowing the paint and colour to express her emotion on each canvas. When she is in the studio painting, it is a time she can use the shake in her arm to her advantage. It is a time for her to allow her body to be free and because of this, her paintings are gestural, vibrant and energetic and there is a freedom felt in her paintings. Lindsay is keen to let others observe her while she paints. She is ​often heard saying "watch me!" She thoroughly delights in the process and seeing the painting come alive from each colour she applies. Lindsay's inspiration often comes from her devotion to her mother.

Marc Sears

Marc was born in Kentville, Nova Scotia. He has been making wonderful figures of people and animals that are loved by everyone. Marc lost his vision a few years ago and is able to remember what people and animals look like for him to shape his figures. He always comes to class excited for his next project. Marc gets his inspiration from many sources such as aboriginal imagery, childhood memories and historic monuments. Marc is comfortable telling people he has Tourette's syndrome because he wants to help educate people about it.

Natasha Brayshaw

Natasha has enjoyed a lot of success as a painter. She has sold many paintings and has completed some commissioned pieces. Natasha has a good eye for colour and colour matching. She is very focused when painting and naturally is enthused by her accomplishments. She enjoys challenging herself as an artist by choosing a variety of images to paint.

Theresa Tetu

Theresa is an artist who loves cats. She gets her inspiration from her interests and background. Often, she creates pieces inspired by her love of cats and kittens. Theresa works in pottery and painting. Once fired, she delights in painting her pottery pieces. She is proud of her creations and is advancing in her skills in making and painting pottery.

Tyler Burton

Tyler is an ambitious artist who enjoys challenging himself by painting many different subjects while getting his inspiration from several different sources. One of his favourite subjects to paint is boats. He uses acrylic paint and he prides himself in painting fine details. He has had a lot of success as an artist and has sold a number of paintings.

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