Rebecca Nosella 

At the age of 25, Rebecca’s soothing and peaceful personality allows for her to conceptualize the amazing artwork that she creates. Rebecca’s disabilities, both Acardi’s syndrome and Cerebral Palsy do not hold her back from expressing herself artistically. Without the ability to talk, and limited vision, she continues producing enough artwork to sell out shows. With the support of friends and her mum, she is able to create an abstract style with vibrant colours without the use of lines. Her unique technique includes the use of everyday objects like pot scrubbers and squeegees, along with acrylic paint that bring out the textures and effects found in her brilliant art pieces. Rebecca takes pride in all of her art pieces claiming no two pieces are ever the same. Check out Rebecca's feature in the Burnaby Now here!

James Lash - PotteryWorks

Underneath his quiet exterior, James is an expressive and passionate artist who shares with us a little of his experience of the world through artistic mediums. James has been drawing from a young age and has been a member of PotteryWorks since its inception over 13 years ago. Watching James paint, glaze pottery, or sketch in his book, one is immediately made aware that he has natural artistic abilities. Seeing the world in all its complexity: colourful, dynamic, and 3-dimensional with both organic and man-made structures, James represents his subjects easily and with great accuracy. James has very diverse skills as an artist. He creates beautiful, solemn masks, as well as fruit or floral motifs on bowls and plates. To find out more about James’ story and view more of his art, please click here

Dan Tell - PotteryWorks

Dan is one of PotteryWorks’ more experienced artists, who has been involved with the studio for approximately 13 years. Not only is Dan an avid potter, he also paints landscapes and scenes from nature. Dan is also a “thinker”, occasionally you will catch him lost in thought. Dan also takes great pride in his appearance, and is always dressed nicely for work. He also loves to joke around. Dan pretends to paint his ear, or he pretends to wash his brush in people's’ tea or coffee. One of Dan’s favourite motifs for his pottery are floral patterns. Dan says he paints flowers because they look good and people buy them. At this year’s art show, Dan wants to share with you his process for creating beautiful flowers on bowls. Click here to see more of Dan's lovely art pieces. Check out Dan's feature in the Burnaby Now here!

Manny Ravelo - Semiahmoo House Society

Manny’s independent nature has enabled his artistic style, creating amazing art pieces that have always caught people’s attention. Growing up he had a strong passion for automobiles and continued as an Automotive Mechanic as well. He suffered from a stroke early on in his life near the height of his career. Adapting to the new lifestyle was not easy but he gained a new love for art and nature. He developed his new found passion for creating art, inspired by his own dreams and desires. He has embraced this new life and produces his work both solo in his studio, and at the Semiahmoo House Society. Manny’s artwork tries to reflect the wonders of the world as he sees through the Internet. Another one of Manny’s greatest inspiration is the beauty of nature and culture, this is displayed through the beautiful works that he produces. Click here to visit his Facebook page.

Derek Armstrong - Semiahmoo House Society

Growing up with Autism, Derek has always been interested in creating artwork from an early age. Derek’s incredible artwork embodies mythical creatures and fairy tale themed art. His canvases contain vibrant colours and complex details that transcend all artistical boundaries. The technique used by Derek to make his artwork is similar to Disney as he makes the outlines of the drawings with the use of pens and pencils and finishes with amazingly colourful masterpieces that tell a story of their own. In the future, Derek hopes to continue developing this artistic style to land his dream job of working for Walt Disney animation studios as an animator. Derek works mainly from home or in the community which has awarded him shows at Emily Carr and other establishments. Derek attributes much of his accomplishments to Dale Villijuan who has helped him create his art portfolio.