The Developmental Disabilities Association is a community living agency that provides over 50 community-based programs and services to children, adults and their families with developmental disabilities in Vancouver and Richmond. We create extended networks of support, investing in individual needs, and always striving for an inclusive and safe community. Over 1600 individuals and families in the Vancouver and Richmond are served by the Developmental Disabilities Association every year.

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Esther Schmidt

I like art. We laugh and have fun at my art class. I think I am getting good at art now. I am learning how to put my own ideas into my paintings. I am proud of my artwork and I like looking for photos of Germany to use in my paintings.

Lenny Law

I am an ordinary person living independently day to day. I have experienced personally how easy it can be to lose housing. It was really hard. I am an outgoing guy, but I am shy. I like to work with my hands. Making art makes me happy. Agnieszka encouraged me to try art. I really like painting and I can draw and paint very well. I have people who love me and care about me. I am a big hockey and sports fan and I have a great sense of humour.

Andrew Cathers

Andrew is a self-taught artist, 38, born in Whistler, BC. He makes art on a regular basis to keep himself interested, to stay challenged creatively and to keep busy. Primarily an observer, Andrew takes in the world around him and returns it to us in the form of detailed fields of intense colour and pattern. Seeing his work in person allows you to feel all that has gone into the creation of each piece. Andrew describes his work as experimental and as an attempt to "practice putting senses together". He says that his art enables himself and the viewer to have "precision of the senses".

Nira Parashar

I like to make art. Painting is my favourite. I enjoy showing my mother and family what I am able to create. I am a proud Auntie.

Mark Li

I am an artist. I have been in art shows in the community and with Kickstart in art galleries. I am a narrative artist. I paint about stories. I like painting. I volunteer in my community. I volunteer with the Vancouver Police Department and my church. I also enjoy helping my friends. I am thoughtful and hardworking. I love to watch a game show called 'Double Dare'. My mother tries to attend all of my art shows with me.

Kenneth Mane

I recently graduated from high school. I enjoy drawing, painting and doing puzzles.

Lisa Poon

There are so many things that make me happy. I enjoy quiet moments with my family, reading the newspaper in the evenings, spending time with my best friend - laughing, talking and sharing. Simple pleasures bring me joy, like the warmth, comfort and companionship of a family meal in the wintertime and the smell of my mother's baking! I have the love and support of my family behind me. I have many friends and connections within my community. My faith and my church bring me joy as well as the support of my friends. I am proud to be in a sign language choir. I enjoy making birthday cards and I try to remember the many birthdays of my friends and family.

Joy Elluk

I like taking pictures. I love painting. I like all the colors but red is one of my favourites. I am very good at clay. My family is proud of me and they like my art. Salmon are important to my heritage and I love to paint them. I enjoy making homemade soap and bowling is good too. 

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee (Kevo) was born with a chromosome disorder called Trisomy 18 and diagnosed as moderately to severely disabled. At the time, few infants with this syndrome survived beyond their first year. Kevin was still not able to make any sound at the age of 6. Being unable to express himself verbally in early years, he vented his frustration through inappropriate physical actions. A lot has changed! Today, Kevo finds his passion in music and art. He is able to channel his ideas and expressions through his artwork. There is vibrancy and energy behind all the paintings. The bright colours incorporated in his art reveal the boundless joy and simplicity in his innermost self. Kevo is very much loved and nurtured in his family.

David Purkis

David is a talented artist and communicator. He is often interacting with people who don't understand sign language. This can be frustrating, and requires great patience, kindness, humour and strength of character. Many of his paintings include text but it is most often used as a decorative pattern. Some of David's paintings do include actual words, which he first has to communicate his intent or interest without words. The paintings with words are often about music and horses. All of his paintings are about some kind of communication and love of colour. He has worked in both acrylic, clay and water colour, including whimsical portraits of Elvis. David as a person and an artist embraces accidental mishaps and finds the humour in life. His work is joyful and expressive.

Amy Hogben

My life has changed a lot. I moved to Vancouver from Montreal. I have family and friends. I am making a new life for myself. I am brave and I am making new friends. Special Olympics is very important to me! I am both an athlete and an artist!

Calvin Ho

I like art and I am a terrific dancer. I like to paint and draw and I enjoy working with clay.

Drew Steele

I like everything about art and making lots of different things. I am happy to be in an art class. I liked doing art in high school. My brother was an artist as well - I miss him very much. My favourite colour is red. I really enjoy painting flowers and landscapes. I enjoy painting and I am inspired by Picasso! I was very proud to be asked to paint with my friend Joy on a vintage paddle as part of the 'Paddles for Affrica' fundraiser. Our paddle was exhibited and sold. Bowling is my favourite thing outside of art. I like taking care of my mum and taking her out shopping. I have lots of friends at DDA. I am also a 4 time Uncle!

Emerson Canas

I paint large paintings. My art has hidden stories about friends and family. I like to laugh and enjoy painting with my friends.

Simon Gardiner

I really enjoy working in clay. I am the master of my clay. I am proud of my artwork. I love The Simpsons and I am learning to draw and paint.

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