My name is Daniel Lopez, I'm 22 years old, and I was born and raised in Vancouver. I went to Gladstone Secondary and after that I transferred to South Hill Adult Education, where I have been attending for a little over two years, and still have some classes to finish.

I am really interested in cities, and I have travelled to a number of different ones around the world, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Tel Aviv, Paris and Mexico City. Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to look at Google Earth, checking out different cities. My favourites are São Paulo and New York. I'm really interested in skyscrapers.

My work is about cities, shapes, objects and patterns. Sometimes the buildings look all the same, and sometimes they are different. It's all drawn freehand, and helps me pass time if I'm bored. The pieces aren't real cities, but ones I've made up in my head. Some of them are based on other projects, like cities I create with dominoes - if you want to see more about that, check out my YouTube channel.

When I'm drawing, I feel relaxed and calm. I get to focus on something that's enjoyable, and every piece is different. 

Prints or t-shirts of "Skyline" are available for purchase through Daniel's online shop!

Additional Information:

E-mail: lopezd560@yahoo.ca

Phone: 778-829-9247

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