Richmond Society for Community Living's art program supports artists to explore their creative interests, to pursue opportunities to showcase their unique gifts and talents, to believe in themselves and to celebrate their accomplishments. By focusing on exploring each artists' skills, the programs inspire creative thinking and the development of fine motor skills. With the use of adapted and modified art tools when necessary, every participant is supported to discover their own creative talents, improving self-esteem and developing a sense of pride for the artists. The program participants also create beautiful and unique handicrafts of their choice and are taught other skills in a variety of media.

You can purchase the items shown below and many others by contacting Katherine Ollson!

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Artist Bios:


Alysha Jutha

Alysha is a very talented, hardworking artist who is exceptional at arts and crafts. She enjoys working with many art mediums, including rainbow loom, painting and sewing.

Brian Nguyen

Brian is a talented young man who loves music and singing. His art is inspired by his passion for music and love for animals. He is a very tactile person who enjoys building puzzles and doing word searches. Brian also has a very pleasant voice and can often be heard singing quietly to his favourite tunes.

Vicki Himmelbauer

Vicki is passionate about animals, especially dogs. She likes to keep herself busy and prefers outdoor activities. Vicki loves to sew dog and cat accessories, as well as aprons for sale. Vicki makes "Worry Dolls" and likes to explain to people what they are used for.

Karen Kehoe

Karen has been inspired by her love for funky fabrics and has created her own unique sewing projects. Karen enjoys sewing using a machine or by hand, and has also been developing her knitting skills. She has also created art pieces using acrylics on canvas. A signature of Karen's art is her choice of bright, vivacious colours.

Cathy Shannon

Cathy is a very sensitive and compassionate woman. She loves superheroes, nature and animals, all of which are inspirations for her art creations and sewing projects. Cathy loves giving back to the community by volunteering with Richmond Animal Protection Society, the Salvation Army and several others.

Grace Tang

Grace has a unique gift for putting her thoughts on paper in the form of poetry. Grace also possesses the ability to create various forms of art including paper mache, pottery, rug hooking and Chinese painting.

Lee Yeung

Lee loves traveling the world and has travelled and cruised to many places including Malaysia, Turkey, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Singapore, Iceland, Norway, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, China, Korea and more. He loves taking pictures of the places he travels to and turns them into a scrapbook. He has created numerous pieces of art based on the experiences from his travels.

Shawn May

Shawn is a talented young man who loves being with nature. He likes to hike, fish and relax by the lake. He is inspired by Mother Nature's creation and likes to recreate it through paintings. Shawn's latest piece was a painting of a moose which is his favourite animal. During the summer season, Shawn and his family go to their cabin, where he gets his ideas for his artwork.

Melody Edgars

Melody is a very hard working individual who loves to create art projects while listening to music by Johnny Cash. Melody has shown interest in creating artwork that is rooted in her Haida culture. She enjoys creating projects with fabrics as well as acrylics on canvas. Melody's sewing projects include Button Blankets, aprons, and pet accessories. While sewing, Melody tells stories about her blanket and the significance related to her Haida culture.

Marni Zimmerman

Marni loves experimenting with different types of art media, including: fabrics, acrylics, mosaic tiles and stones. When Marni is not creating art, she loves to travel and spend time socializing with friends.

Avenues Art Group

This is a group of art enthusiasts who work on various projects from start to finish. The group’s motto is “Friends Help Friends”. To complete these projects, the supported individuals assist with cutting, gluing fabric, creating driftwood jewelry, decorating cups/saucers, amongst several other endeavors. The artists are involved in every aspect of the projects from visualizing the desired art, to researching designs, choosing beads and fabrics, sorting them in coloured patterns and threading them.

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