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Poets with Diverse Abilities Speak Their Truth

Poetry can be a powerful form of expression. When we read or listen to poetry, we see things from the author's perspective and encounter their personal truths. That's why we believe it is so important to hear from diverse voices. We're excited to share the voices of artists of all abilities in our spoken word poetry project.

posAbilities commissioned six poets with diverse abilities to write together. They worked in pairs to produce spoken word poems that draw from their own personal experiences. The poems deal with subjects like family, grief, dreams, and belonging. People with disabilities often don't have the opportunity to share their voice; this project gave all the poets a platform to speak their truth.

"I just want other people to know my work," said poet Tara Torme. "I don't want to be an anonymous author."

Feeling ready to dive into some poetry? Tara Torme and Rachel Taylor have created their first published volume of haikus: In Conversation. A selection of those haikus are featured in the video below. Check out more poems here!

Outsiders and Others

Deborah Leigh - Escape | October 2-25

Born in Prince George in the early 1950's, Deborah Leigh didn't start to draw until she was in her 50's. She discovered her talent later in life. During a period of recovery from an illness, Deborah started to "doodle" to help her relax. These "doodles" quickly evolved in size and in subject matter. Black and white shapes and forms turned into full coloured surreal landscapes with creatures, people, foliage, trees, houses, and so on.

In Deborah's words: "I create as a form of escapism, and I just love the process of creating. Each piece is never pre-planned, I simply work from my imagination, intuition, and the subconscious. I put the colour down on lightly dampened paper and wait for a "sign" letting me know in which direction I am to go next.

My hope is that viewers could be drawn into my images with a sense of curiosity, wonderment, and questioning of what the images are trying to portray. I like to include pathways, roads, and byways that represent the journeys we all undertake and where these paths may be leading us to in our lives."



Outsiders and Others is a non-profit art society that brings non-traditional artists to the forefront. Their gallery is a window based experience where you can see an entire exhibition through the storefront window. If you want more information on the artists or the exhibition, you simply scan the QR code on the window with your phone. You can visit the inside of the gallery by appointment only. PPE and social distancing is required.

Outsiders and Others Art Society gallery location: 716 East Hastings Street, Vancouver


Instagram: @outsidersandothers

Twitter: @AndOutsiders